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The body never lies

M. Graham

Odijk Osteopathy The Hague

Odijk Osteopathy stands for a holistic approach to your complaints, trying to find a solution within the 3 pillars of osteopathy (bones and joints, organs, nervous system) for the recovery of the complaints.

This holistic approach is important because peopleĀ  are made up of different tissues (systems) that all need to be able to function both separately and together.

An important prerequisite for this is mobility, mobility of all systems.

After 30 years working as a physiotherapist and orthopaedic manual therapist, I have gained a lot of experience in the field of mobility. This, together with new knowledge about mobility and the functioning of the other systems, makes me capable of doing adequate research into the many systems that are active in the human body.

In addition, I have the expertise to determine whether you can be helped with osteopathy or whether a solution to your symptoms should perhaps be sought in a multidisciplinary setting.

Thanks to Richard's knowledge and attentiveness, my back pain turned out not to be from the back but from something malignant in my stomach. Thank you for your skilful intervention!